Saturday, April 28, 2012

Elsevier Brings Latest Book Title, ChemApps: _Strategic Applications of Named Reactions in Organic Synthesis (SANROS)_ to the App Store

Waltham, MA, April 26, 2012 –   Elsevier, a world-leading provider of scientific, technical and medical information products and services, today announced the release of ChemApps: Strategic Applications of Named Reactions in Organic Synthesis (SANROS), the second in a new series of apps for iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad based on Elsevier books. The first title,   NeuroApps: MRI Atlas of Human White Matter, is also available on the App Store.

Created from the best-selling Strategic Applications of Named Reactions in Organic Synthesis by László Kürti and Barbara Czakó, ChemApps: SANROS provides organic chemists with time-saving information about chemical reactions from a trusted source, along with unique search and filter functions.

“We’re honored to adapt Kürti’s and Czakó’s indispensable print reference for the iPhone and iPod touch,” ... .

ChemApps: SANROS, available exclusively on the App Store, enables professional organic chemists to search and examine the chemical transformations extracted from the book using new interactive features:
  • The ability to search and filter 250 reactions by type, category, name and functional group, enables users to find a reaction from a number of different starting points.
  • Each reaction page includes an overview, which includes a summary of the particular transformation the reaction performs; the mechanism, which reveals how the reaction works; applications, showing how the reaction is used in practice; and references for further reading.
  • A list of over 450 chemical abbreviations, showing the full name and structure (where relevant).
  • A handy bookmark feature that allows users to save a reaction for quick retrieval.


The ChemApps: SANROS App is available for $9.99 from the App Store on iPhone and iPod touch or at A free version, featuring 25 named reactions, is also available to download.

Source and Links to Apps, Fulltext and Video Trailer Available At 


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