Wednesday, April 4, 2012

ComETS 2012 Symposium Recordings

... [T]he focus of the symposium will be on mobile computing and mobile-enabled computing strategies.

ComETS is an Iowa State University community that promotes dialog and events focused on technology in learning & teaching. ComETS is a university-wide community where ideas and resources can be shared, and debate can occur on future technology directions at ISU. ComETS is open to all interested ISU faculty and staff.

ComETS objectives:
  • Facilitate dialog about learning & teaching technology issues facing ISU
  • Focus faculty needs to help provide direction to technology providers
  • Inform and educate one another about campus technology initiatives
  • Coordinate and provide a periodic learning and teaching technology event for the entire campus community
  • Provide a vehicle to bring national technology issues and trends to the broader ISU community
March 22 2012 / Noon to 5:00 PM / Memorial Union

Schedule of Events

12:00-1:00  / Sun Room  >  eText Panel Discussion

A/V > [52:48]

1:00 -2:30  / Sun Room > Keynote by Dr. George Saltsman, Executive Director of the Adams Center for Teaching & Learning at Abilene Christian University

Empowering the Academy for the Digital Age

We live in the golden age of information. Digital technologies are transforming the world. Universal access to information has reshaped industries, governments, and human society. Despite this exponential growth, formal teaching and learning remain largely unchanged. As we collectively consider the future of the academy, the digital world continues to evolve without us. Will the historical ideals of traditional education continue or decline into extinction? This presentation addresses why and how mobile computing, digital textbooks and the ubiquity of information will ultimately transform the academy as we know it

A/V > [60:16]

2:45-3:30  / Various locations in the MU – Lightning Strikes

Short (10 minute maximum) presentations from members of the ISU community on technology projects, instructional strategies, or new technology experimentation
3:30-4:45 /  Gold Room – Student Panel on Mobile Technology

A/V > [58:26]

March 23  / 9:00-11:00 / 1230 Communications Building 

Workshop > Increasing Student Engagement with Mobile Learning Strategies

Presenters: Drs. George Saltsman & Stephen Baldridge, Abilene Christian University

Explore simple strategies using free digital tools that increase student engagement. This workshop provides researched-backed hands-on approaches that can be used in a variety of disciplines both in and outside the traditional classroom. Topics include strategies for student-produced course content, remote teaching, mobile enhanced inquiry-based learning, class blogging, and use of mobile devices to drive student engagement during in-class activities. Bring your laptop, smartphone and/or tablet device and explore how simple techniques can provide measurable differences in student engagement.



Of related interest

“Library Mobile: Abilene Christian University: An Exemplar Mobile University.” Searcher 19, no.3 (April 2011): 34-37. Self-archived at (4 April 2012).

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