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C&RL News > Mobile Technologies For Libraries / Lori Barile

C&RL News >  Mobile Technologies For Libraries: A List Of Mobile Applications And Resources For Development / Lori Barile / College & Research Libraries News / vol. 72 no. 4 / pp. 222-228 / April 2011

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) estimated that more than 5 billion mobile subscriptions would exist worldwide by the end of 2010, which more than tripled home Internet access.1 ITU also predicts Web access from mobile devices will exceed access from desktop computers within the next five years.

These statistics are hardly surprising; with advancements in technology and the rise in smartphone use, people are taking advantage of being connected to data wherever they are. Mobile phones aren’t just phones anymore: they can access e-mail, search the Web, video chat, and play games. Even mobile devices like iPad and iPod touch can bring social media, productivity tools, and entertainment literally into the palm of your hand.

Therefore, libraries should be exploring mobile devices as a way to connect with patrons. Creating a library application (“app”) or mobile Web site that allows patrons to access library hours, view their library account or even search databases is easier than most people think. The resources below should help libraries begin to plan and implement their own unique mobile presence.

Resources were chosen based on relevancy, accuracy, and content. Due to current economic considerations, free mobile applications were chosen over similar paid applications.


> History And Development Of Mobile Applications And Web Sites

>> Mobile Applications For Learning

>>> Discovering And Downloading Mobile Applications

>>>> Mobile Web Sites

>>>>> Creating Mobile Web Sites, OPACs, And Applications

>>>>>> Examples Of Mobile Library Web Sites



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