Tuesday, April 12, 2011

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Mary Grush / 04/01/11

Given the tremendous adoption of mobile devices and applications in the business and consumer markets, the rising interest in and support for mobile apps on the part of colleges and universities should come as no surprise. And while mobile technology adoption is in its infancy in higher education, we've already seen a substantial move toward the deployment of mobile applications on campus in the past two years.

According to the fall 2010 Campus Computing Survey, more than 70 percent of the surveyed CIOs and senior IT leaders "agree or strongly agree" that "mobile [LMS] apps are an important part of our campus plan to enhance instructional resources and campus services." (Currently, the majority of mobile apps in higher ed are tied to learning management systems, although their features often extend beyond the LMS.)

Still, the move to mobile apps on campus remains in the early stages: Just 13 percent of the more than 525 campuses that participated in the Campus Computing Survey reported that they had activated mobile LMS apps as of fall 2010. However, another 10 percent say they will go live with mobile LMS apps this academic year, while nearly a quarter have a mobile app strategy under review. From these data we can see both great interest in mobile applications, and a strong indication of a growing movement in the activation of mobile apps.




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