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The Challenges & Promise of Mobile Technology > Joe Murphy > IFLA PAC News > August 2010

The global reach of mobile has spread to libraries. The impact of mobile technology on information seeking behavior, interpersonal communication, and patrons’ expectations for services is starting to affect the way libraries are conceived of and imprinting itself upon the design and delivery of library operations. The expanding focus on mobile technology is literally changing the way libraries around the world do business.


Our Mobile Futures

The future of libraries is change. Mobile technology is impacting many aspects of our cultures, most especially in regards to information, reading, and scholarly communication. Libraries are changing as well to keep pace with these pressures. We are putting our time-tested skills to use by reimagining library services and collections for the mobile age on a global scale. The infl uences upon demand for mobile access and communication vary across geography, but the trend itself ties us together as a world-wide profession that is more closely connected thanks to and because of mobile technology. We are all now serving end users with widely global connections amongst themselves and with the information they are engaging.

Bright futures are possible for libraries in a world of mobile technology. But they are not guaranteed. It is up to us librarians to ensure that we are critical in embracing the changes needed for adapting to these evolutions in expectations. This may require that we carefully decide, as individual libraries and as a profession, if we want to embrace change and stay relevant as the information sphere enters the world of mobile or if we want to maintain our previous roles and sustain our former success in a niche more heavily reflective of the past.

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