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World eBook Fair > 2010

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A Message From Michael Hart:

Three and a half (3.5) Million Free eBooks at World eBook Fair

Welcome to the Fifth Annual World eBook Fair where we hope you will enjoy at least a few of the books that are presented here, now in the millions.

Brief History of the World eBook Fair:

Just a few years ago the First World eBook Fairs came on the scene with about 1/3 million books and doubled to 2/3 million in 2008, and over a million and a quarter the following year.

This year there are over Three million eBooks.

The World eBook Fair's mammoth amount of books were created by contributions from 100+ eLibraries and thousands of volunteers from around the world.

This year we have added over a million new free eBooks already, and plan to add 50,000 more by the end of The world eBook Fair, which runs from July 4 to August 4.

The collections include light and heavy reading materials, more reference books, scientific items, etc., and about 50,000 music entries in addition to the 12,000 that debuted last year.

Please note that The Internet Archive and Project Gutenberg are also presenting a number of items in other media; music, movies and artwork, even dance choreography, are included.

At midnight Central Daylight Time July, 4 2010 we estimate that the approximate numbers of titles will be:
  • 2,324,842 from The Internet Archive
  • 750,000 from World Public Library
  • 400,000 from Wattpad
  • 112,000 from Project Gutenberg
  • 62,000 from International Music Score Library Project
>>> 3,648,842 Grand Total <<< 
More eBooks To More People Via Cell phone Reads
In addition to presenting twice as many books, we are also trying to reach 10x as much of the population by including a number of programs a person can use to read these eBooks on phones, MP3 players, PDA's, iPods, etc.

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