Saturday, July 3, 2010

Mobile Fair and Meetup in DC > August 4 2010 > Noon - 5 PM

The Newseum is hosting a mobile vendors’ fair from 12-5pm on Wed, 4 August 2010. We’d like your recommendations of vendors with interesting museum projects who should be invited to exhibit. Each vendor will be given one, 8ft table to demonstrate on, with power and Internet access (see attached photo) in the entrance hall/atrium area of the Newseum. Modest sized table-top displays are permitted, but not large booths or displays that exceed the immediate space of the table top.

Space and time are limited, so not all recommended companies will be invited, but we will compile a list of recommendations received for future reference by all. We are also entertaining the possibility of a ‘Demo Table’ in the fair where museum mobile projects can be represented even if the vendor or museum cannot be present to demo them in person.

In conjunction with the fair, local area museums are invited to meet from 2-4pm at the Newseum to discuss possible collaborations on DC Metro area-wide mobile projects.

Please contact Paul Sparrow, Newseum or Nancy Proctor, Smithsonian Institution with your vendor recommendations and RSVP for the local area museum Meet-up.



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