Friday, June 18, 2010

Scopus Alerts (Lite) For iPhone

Take your research with you.

If you’re passionate about your research project, you probably have ideas coming to you in your sleep. Now you don’t even need to get out of bed to search for the latest content: reach for your iPhone and use the Scopus Alerts (Lite) mobile app to find articles, create alerts, make notes, and share links instantly.

Features & Functionality

Whatever your science, when you’re away from the lab but need to keep in touch with the latest research, use the Scopus Alerts (Lite) mobile app to:

• Search across thousands of scholarly journals from more than 5000 international publishers;
• Save the important abstracts in one place for easy look-up;\
• Set up and review email alerts for your favourite searches;
• Set up email alerts for when an author cites a particular article;
• Annotate records with your own notes;
• Share article links through email or twitter.

 Searching & Saving:

When a speaker references some research at a conference, look it up straight away and see who the authors are, where they’re from and what other work they cited. Store article details in one accessible place and save the links to read later.


If you’re a published author you’ll want to know when one of your peers cites your work. Set up an email alert on any article and receive a notification when someone cites it. You can also create alerts for your favourite searches so that when anything is published that relates to your specific field, you’ll know straight away.
Annotating & Sharing:

Write notes and append them to an article for use back in the lab; you can send article links to yourself via email to read when you’ve more time. Or share links to articles with colleagues and staff with questions and comments attached. If it’s a really significant paper you can share the link with the world through twitter.

Next Up? We pay close attention to your reviews in Apple's iTunes store; they fuel future developments both for this app and for future apps. Please give suggestions for features or other app ideas by submitting comments in the review area of the app store. We will use this feedback to guide our overall approach to mobile devices.

Getting Started

The Scopus Alerts (Lite) app is available to existing subscribers. You may therefore already have a username and password for the website but if not, here are a few steps to set one up:

Go to  within your institution

Register online and set up a new username and password. Watch the tutorial on how to register at (note that Flash is not supported by iPhones so please watch it from your desktop or laptop).

Use this same username and password with the Scopus Alerts (Lite) app on your iPhone and use your institutional email address (e.g. to log in.

Scopus will check your details but if the process fails, a report button will appear and you can use this to contact the support team, as well as to report any other problems with the Scopus Alerts (Lite) application.

Frequently Asked Question

If your question is not answered below, please contact us at with your institutional email address.




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  2. Soon to be superseded by SciVerse.


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