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MLE - Moodle > Out-Of-The-Box m-Learning System For Mobile Phones

Moodle is a Course Management System (CMS), also known as a Learning Management System (LMS) or a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) [].

MLE-Moodle is an out-of-the-box mobile Learning (mLearning) system, designed for mobile phones.

It is realized as a plugin for the open-source Learning Management System (LMS) Moodle. Just copy the MLE-Moodle files to your Moodle-installation and your eLearning system is now a mLearning system too.

So with MLE-Moodle you can enhance your eLearning system to mobile Learning, and can learn either with your mobile phone (mLearning) or with your PC / Notebook (eLearning).

On the mobile phone you can either use the built-in mobile browser to access MLE-Moodle. Or you can use a special mobile phone application which was designed for learning on mobile phones (called MLE phone client).

What is mobile Learning (mLearning) and how is it realized with MLE-Moodle?

mLearning uses mobile phones as a medium for learning. With mLearning it is possible to use every kind of waiting-time for learning, no matter where you are. [snip]

The Mobile Learning Engine enables you to learn
  • Wherever you want to learn,
  • Whenever you want to learn, and
  • Whatever you want to learn.
But if you are at home or at school in front of your PC / Notebook it would make no sense to use a mobile phone for learning. That's why the MLE is intregated with an eLearning system (in this case this eLearning system is Moodle). With your PC / Notebook you use the standard eLearning system, if you are away from your computer you can continue learning with your mobile phone.


With MLE-Moodle you can realize custom mobile learning scenarios:
  • For field-trips, where students should fill out quizzes or upload images/videos/audio reports or written reports in a forum
  • Create location based learning szenarios with mobile tagging or integrated GPS
  • Make quick surveys or quizzes in the classroom with the mobile phones and see the results instantly



mLearning features:

From eLearning to mLearning > Using the core Moodle-Features on the mobile phone:

Moodle lesson / Moodle quiz / Moodle assignment / Moodle resource / Moodle forum / Moodle survey / Moodle choice / Moodle wiki / Moodle database / Moodle instant messaging system / Moodle glossary

New (partly mLearning specific) features:

Flashcard trainer / Mobile Learning Objects (offline learning) / Mobile tags / Location based services / Mobile community / Mobile repository

How you can access MLE-Moodle from the mobile phone:

Mobile phone application / Mobile phone browser





YouTube Video [Withdrawn / 03-14-10]





Step-By-Step [Installation] Tutorial


MLE (Mobile Learning Engine) Wiki


!!! Thanks To Michael Feldstein / e-Literate Blog /  For The HeadsUp !!!


  1. Hello Gerry
    The YouTube video link that you show above it is not an MLE-moodle.

    If you look the slide 7 (at, you will see that we were using MLE-moodle.

    Here is the link of the MLE-moodle that we were using for the project

    The YouTube videolink is the Moodle4iPhone webapp.

    Kind regards

    Carlos Kiyan
    moodle4iPhone team

  2. Hi Gerry
    Thanks for excellent blog with lot's of gooddies!
    We have a lot of fun with Moodle and a mobile literacy project (alfa-beta stage). We don't use MLE-Moodle at the moment (waiting for Moodle 2.0 before testing the mobile plugin).

  3. I think mlearning would not only be beneficial to students, companies can utilize their employees unproductive time by providing mobile corporate learning solutions with additional training content.

  4. It is realized as a plugin for the open-source Learning Management System (LMS) Moodle.It is a very useful of Mobile users. Keep Sharing... Thanks!


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