Friday, February 5, 2010

NITLE > Teaching With Mobile Devices: Smartphones / February 24 2010 / 4:00pm - 5:15pm / Eastern

National Institute For Technology In Liberal Education

For faculty, instructional technologists, and others interested in using smartphones for student projects including digital storytelling, mapping, polling, and in-field data collection.

Delivered Online In Our Virtual Auditorium

Program Description

Mobile phones present a familiar challenge as an instructional technology: Since everyone has them, there must be a way to use them for teaching and learning. Seton Hall University has been exploring possible uses through its mobile initiative.

In this session Michael Taylor, Assistant Professor of Political Science and Director of the Center for Mobile Research and Social Change at Seton Hall University, will discuss the uses of smartphones in the classroom across multiple disciplines. Taylor will present the use of mobile devices in student projects including digital storytelling, mapping, polling, and in-field data collection. These projects highlight the functionality of smartphones to improve classroom communication, collaboration, and connectivity. Discussion will also cover the diverse pedagogical goals that were addressed in these mobile projects, as well as some of the challenges encountered in piloting these mobile projects.

The “Special Topics in Digital Teaching” series offers a sequence of interactive discussions showcasing how faculty are using digital technology for teaching and learning. The series is delivered online via NITLE’s multipoint interactive videoconferencing environment and is designed to help faculty make the transition from learning a new technology to using it effectively for teaching and learning. Participants are invited to join these lively discussions from the convenient location of their campus offices.


Please register by sending an e-mail to

> Network participant fee (early registration by February 12): $48

> Network participant fee (after February 12): $50

> Out-of-Network participant fee: $65


For more information about this event or the “Special Topics in Digital Teaching” series, please contact Rebecca Davis at rdavis@nitle.orgSuggestions for series programming are welcome.


!!! Thanks To / Nancy Proctor / Head of New Media Initiatives / Smithsonian American Art Museum  / For The HeadsUp !!!


SHUmobile (Seton Hall University Mobile) Project


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