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Cell phones are some of the hottest products on the market, as shown by the excitement that surrounds newly-released smart phones and upgraded cell phone features and cell phone providers. In many families, every member has a cell phone. So it's wise to do some research before making your cell-phone buying decision.

At Consumer Reports, our unbiased experts test and report on new entries to the cell phone market, including the multimedia Apple iPhone, smart phones such as the BlackBerry, and no-bells-and-whistles flip cell phones.

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Recommended cell phones  > We make cell phones recommendations for each of the major wireless carriers, evaluating price, features, and unique capabilities.

Cell Phones and Services Buying Guide > If you thought choosing your last cell phone was hard, just wait until next time. Not only are the plans confusing, but phones are more complex. Digital cameras, MP3 players and GPS receivers are now common and each new feature seems to bring new costs. [snip]

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News Coverage

NPR > All Things Considered > Cell Phone Voice Quality Assessed

December 29, 2009 /  Consumer Reports, in its January [2010] issue, rates dozens of cell phones. Michael Gikas, senior electronics editor at Consumer Reports, discusses how the phones performed when it comes to voice quality.

Consumer Reports checks out cell phone plans

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