Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Teaching Teens To Twitter: Supporting Engagement In The College Classroom

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Rey Junco  / Associate Professor ; Director of Disability Services / Department of Academic Development and Counseling / Lock Haven University

Tuesday / December 1 2009 / 12:30 pm

Berkman Center / 23 Everett Street / Second Floor

Recent research has shown that social media use is correlated with indices of student engagement. While a relationship exists, no research has been conducted to elucidate the causal connection, if any, between engagement in social media spaces and engagement in the real world. This talk will outline an experimental study, currently underway, that assesses whether first-year college students’ use of Twitter affects student engagement and success.

About Rey

Dr. Rey Junco is an Associate Professor and the Director of Disability Services in the Department of Academic Development and Counseling at Lock Haven University. Dr. Junco received his doctoral degree in Counselor Education with a focus on Student Development, and his Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Pennsylvania State University.

Dr. Junco is currently at the helm of one of the first controlled experimental studies of social media’s impact on first-year student engagement and academic performance. Previously, he conducted a large, multi-institution survey of student technology use, which he wrote about in his book, Connecting to the Net.Generation: What higher education professionals need to know about today’s students. Dr. Junco further explored students’ Internet usage in his second book, Using emerging technologies, in which he delivered comprehensive analysis of social networking sites’ role in the engagement of students, technology’s potential to improve retention, and blogs’ potential to improve students’ writing and marketing skills.



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