Saturday, December 12, 2009

Mobile and Handheld Technology Accessibility Forum

With the ongoing focus on exploiting mobile and other handheld technologies, this forum seeks to bring together mobile software developers, researchers and others involved or interested in making these devices and the applications that run on them accessible and usable by persons with different disabilities. End-users with visible and non-visible disabilities who use mainstream and adapted mobile and handheld devices and associated applications are likewise encouraged to contribute to the dialogue.

Topics of interest include (but are not limited to) sharing best practice, guidelines, and first-hand experience developing applications on mobile/handheld platforms that are made to be accessible to users with different disabilities; issues related to mobile learning accessibility; information on the latest innovations in mainstream and adaptive mobile/handheld hardware accessibility (e.g., cell phones, smartphones, GPS devices, iPods); along with evaluation and feedback from end-users with disabilities who are attempting to use these technologies. As this area of accessibility evolves, it is expected conversations will as well.

As with any other public forum, members are reminded to exercise good judgment and conduct when contributing, in terms of respecting both workplace confidentiality that many are bound by, and the diversity of opinions that will naturally be expressed here.

This is an off-shoot of the Web 2.0 Accessibility Forum group here on linkedIn


Owner: Jennison Asuncion

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!!!  Thanks To Jennison Mark Asuncion / Co-Director, Adaptech Research Networ / For The HeadsUp !!!


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