Saturday, December 19, 2009

m-Learning EOI en Onda Madrid

The integration of mobile devices and free software most innovative modern trends to meet the training needs of today's society: creativity, teamwork, lifelong learning and open collaboration.

Within this framework, the m-Learning project EOI bid to experiment with networking capabilities, ubiquity and multimedia production that enable the next generation smartphone, on the one hand, and bases its development on the open source system Android, on the other .

Starting next academic year 2009/2010 EOI [Escuela de Organización Industrial = School of Industrial Organization] [Madrid / Spain] students will have a 3G Android mobile phone to tap its potential as a learning tool and network communication. Thus, both teachers and students can share educational resources and communicate with each other anytime, anywhere.

In this sense, the EOI m-Learning project is another step in the adoption of free software and backing for the social web that the School of Industrial Organization has achieved in recent months. This process can be seen both in terms of technological tools (with the integration of Moodle learning platform and communication 2.0 on blogs, social networking and multimedia repositories) as well as the research, with the recent publication of the report The opportunity for free software: capabilities, law and innovation.

Highlights of m-Learning project EOI

From a pedagogical point of view:
  • Is part of an educational approach to open learning backbone network throughout the new educational model EOI.
  • Is part of the training-skills that are considered essential for long-life learning and networking within the digital age.
  • Promotes learning through networked multimedia production by their school community, teachers and students (podcasts, videos, blogs, etc.).
  • Expand access to knowledge beyond time and space classes.
  • Strengthens social networks among its members and more meaningful learning experience.
  • It is linked to the EOI Moodle learning platform within a comprehensive online learning system.
  • Explore the educational possibilities of cloud-computing and network management in integrating the Google Apps application sharing in collaborative learning methodology.
  • It is an action research project on the practice itself as an educational tool and communication.
From the technical point of view:
  • Supports the Android developer community within the EOI manifest support for free software and interoperability.
  • Connects students and teachers with administrative streamlining (news flashes, consult calendars, academic information, etc.).
  • This blog was created as support for m-Learning project EOI to go telling the latest news of its development, and collect research results being generated in international academia.

News Coverage

“Alumnos, Enciendan Sus Móviles” [Students, Start Your Mobile]


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!!! Thanks To Lara Tíscar / Deputy Dean in the Digital Culture  / EOI / For The HeadsUp !!!

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