Sunday, December 27, 2009

BBC > Click > Augmented Reality Apps For Mobile Phones [Video]

"Augmented reality (AR) is a term for a live direct or indirect view of a physical real-world environment whose elements are merged with (or augmented by) virtual computer-generated imagery - creating a mixed reality. The augmentation is conventionally in real-time and in semantic context with environmental elements, such as sports scores on TV during a match. With the help of advanced AR technology (e.g. adding computer vision and object recognition) the information about the surrounding real world of the user becomes interactive and digitally usable. Artificial information about the environment and the objects in it can be stored and retrieved as an information layer on top of the real world view. [snip]."

Augmented reality apps for mobile phones are  reporter Dan Simmons's tech pick of 2009

He expects this new kind of app to take off over the next year thanks to advances in smart-phones.

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