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Since 2003, has been helping empower local, national and international non-profit organisations to make better use of information and communications technology in their work. Specialising in the application of mobile technology, it provides a wide range of ICT-related services drawing on over 22 years experience of its founder, Ken Banks. Non-profits in over forty countries have so far benefited from a range of kiwanja initiatives, ... .


kiwanja also regularly gives talks at international workshops, conferences and events on a wide range of mobile-related topics including grassroots mobile innovation, the use of mobile phones in international conservation and development efforts, FrontlineSMS, and the role of anthropology in the social mobile space

Its Mobile [Applications] Database is one of the most comprehensive sources of mobile-related articles, projects and reports on the web, dedicated to documenting the social and environmental impact of mobile phones in developing countries.


.... The Mobile Applications Database contains details of projects from around the world which make social and environmental use of mobile technology in fields such as human health, economic empowerment, conservation, education, human rights and poverty alleviation.



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