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The Impact Of Mobile Wireless Technology On Student Attitudes In Higher Education


International Journal of Engineering Education / Volume 24 /  Number 1 /  January 2008 /  pp. 14-22


Our research employed both quantitative and qualitative research methodologies to explore the impact of mobile wireless technology (MWT) on student attitudes. This study provided empirical evidence that in higher education classrooms where MWT was used on a regular basis, the robustness of supporting infrastructure played an important role in positively or negatively influencing student attitudes. In classrooms where MWT devices were used for special purpose applications, perceived MWT value, as well as the relationship between MWT usage and grades,
was found to impact on student attitudes. This study also found that previous MWT experience didnot necessarily impact on student attitudes towards MWT and MWT usage.


"The results from this research indicated that, overall, students had positive perceptions about the use of MWT in higher education classrooms. Differences in student attitudes were identified, however, based on the details of the MWT implementation. Two types of MWT implementations were studied. In the first set of classrooms, MWT was used on a regular basis. The robustness of the supporting infrastructure appeared to play an important role in positively or negatively influencing student attitudes such as liking, enthusiasm and student views of the general usefulness of MWT in these classes. In the second set of classrooms, MWT was used for special purpose applications. The perceived value of the MWT, as well as the role of the MWT in impacting on student grades, was found to influence student attitudes. The second major finding is that for higher education classes, previous experience does not always impact on student attitudes."

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