Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Can You See Me Now ? 8X Telescope For iPhone 3G / 3GS

Introduction >

Want to turn your iPhone to superb stuff? Now you have one more kit.

This telescope has a superb 8X expansion that can help you to close up any objects from afar 8 times.

It is a Telecsope with manual focus, just turning the ring in the front of the scope to the clearest shot. It comes with a stand that you may have your iPhone 3G / iPhone 3Gs clipping on the stand to take pictures and movies.

Advantages >
- Avoid the contortion of image
- Detachable from the crystal case
- Manual Focus adjust
- Comes with a stand for taking pictures and movies

Recommend of usages >
- Watching the match
- Watching the concert
- Travel
- Shot remotely in a zoo
- Etc...

This accessory is compatible with:
- iPhone 3G
- iPhone 3GS

Package Contents:
 - 8X Telescope with manual focus
- Hard Case x 1
- Holder x 1
- Mini Tripod x 1


Note > 

This is a fixed 8X optical Zoom lens, not a gradual / changeable (0 ~ 8X) optical zoom.

>>> Ships On / Before 25 Nov 2009 <<<

YouTube Video Available At

[] [0:25]

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