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100 Useful Links For eBook Lovers

You already know that the Internet is one of the most convenient, effective means of researching and finding information for your classes, but did you know that in some cases it can replace all of your hefty textbooks and reading assignments too? With ebooks, you can read, stream, and listen to lessons, classic literature, poetry and reference books on the Internet or your mobile device. Here are 100 useful links for ebook lovers.

These ebooks are all free, so you can download as many as you want without having to set up a textbook budget.

1. Gutenberg: Project Gutenberg was the first to supply free ebooks, and today they have almost 30,000 free titles in stock.

2. Besides browsing topics like biography, fan fiction, games, history or tutorials, you can submit your own ebook, too.

3. You can conduct an advanced search, type in a title or author, browse categories or select books by language, from Finnish to Bulgarian to Catalan to Swedish.

4. DailyLit: Get free downloads sent to your e-mail by RSS feed.

5. iBiblio: Find archives, ebooks, tutorials, language books and more from iBiblio.


>>> eBook Readers <<<

Get reviews and product information for all kinds of ebook readers, including the Kindle.

24. E-book Reader Matrix: This wiki makes it easy to compare ebook reader sizes, battery life, supported formats and other qualifications.

25. Amazon Kindle: Learn about, shop, and discover titles for the Kindle here.

26. Abacci eBooks: All the books here are for Microsoft Reader.

27. eBook Reader Review: TopTenReviews lists reader reviews from 2009.

28.List of e-book readers: Learn about all of the different e-book readers from Wikipedia.


>>> Audio and Mobile <<<

Get ebooks on your iPhone, iPod, BlackBerry, Palm or other mobile device.

37. Feedbooks: You can download books for any mobile device here.

38. Mobipocket: Find ebooks and an ebook reader for PCs, Smartphones, BlackBerry, Palm, Windows mobile and more.

39. Stanza: If you want to read an ebook on your iPhone, use Stanza.

40. Books in My Phone: Read ebooks on a java-enabled phone when you download them here. You can also manage a reading list.

41. Barnes & Noble eBooks: Get NYT titles, new releases and more for your iPhone, BlackBerry or computer.

42. MemoWare: Get literature, poetry, and reference books for your PDA.

43. Here you can download books to your iPod or mp3 player.

44. iTunes: iTunes has audiobooks for iPhones and iPods.

45. LibriVox: Get free audio book files on this site, or volunteer to record your narration for other books.

46. eReader.comMobile: Get the mobile-friendly version of here.

>>> Business and Education <<<

Turn to these ebook lists and resources for help with classes and your career.

47. Open Book Project: Students and teachers will find quality, free textbooks and materials here.

48. Students can download free textbooks, from economics to biology to study abroad here.

49. Digital Book Index: This site has over 140,000 titles, including textbooks and a pending American Studies collection.

50. Classical Authors Directory: Get lesson plans, audio files, ebooks and more from authors like Washington Irving, Benjamin Franklin and Homer.

51.The Literature Network: Find classics, from Balzac to Austen to Shakespeare, plus educational resources to go along with the plays, short stories and novels.


>>> Twitter <<<

Keep up with ebook news, new titles, ereaders, and more by following these Twitter feeds.

68. @AnEbookReader: Get tech reviews, accessories news and more for ereaders and ebooks.

69. LibreDigital: This company helps people find what they want to read and watch, on any medium.

70. @e_reading: This feed comments on Kindle news and more.

71. @RogerSPress: Roger publishes ebooks and has been reading them for 10 years already.

72. @DigiBookWorld: Read about the latest trends in digital publishing.


>>> Tech eBooks <<<

Get programming, design and other tech assistance when you head to these ebook resources.

80. Find magazines and IT books for reference and general interest.

81. Find free computer ebooks on networking, MySQL, Python, PHP, C++ and more.

82. KnowFree has mostly tech books for download, plus some business titles.

83. This site has downloads in categories like artificial intelligence, functional programming and parallel computing.

84. Zillr: From graphics to Linux to Office to Cisco, you’ll find all kinds of computer and tech books here.


>>> Poetry <<<

Find poetry ebooks and collections here.

86. Read classic poetry on this site.

87. Greatest Poems: Here you will find a collection of 365 of the greatest poems ever written.

88. Download poems in PDF format here.

89. Poetry: You’ll find poetry ebooks for download on this site.

>>> Kids <<<

Share these interactive ebook resources with young students.

90. International Children’s Digital Library: The ICDL is a colorful site devoted to children’s ebooks.

91. ebook88: On this site, there’s a Christmas Bookshelf, and plenty of other kids’ ebook links.

92. Children’s Storybooks Online: Find kids’ storybooks, home schooling materials, and more.

93. Tumble Books: This Tumble BookLibrary features fun, animated, talking picture books.

94. This is another interactive kids’ book site that helps kids learn to read.

95. Children’s Books Online: the Rosetta Project, Inc.: Here you’ll find loads of books and translations for kids.


>>> Miscellaneous <<<

From social networking and ebooks to bundles of books, turn here.

98. Scribd: This ebook finder and social network shares what people are currently reading, and lets you upload your own book.

99. Diesel: Diesel has 500,000 ebook store downloads, including custom bundles, mobile downloads and some free titles.

100. Get NYT bestsellers for $9.99 each, plus all kinds of academic ebooks, non-fiction and more.

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