Wednesday, October 7, 2009

International Survey > Handheld Guides: Their Use / Challenges And The Future

Why do / (or don’t) museums use handheld guide?

How do we perceive the medium’s future?

What are the biggest challenges in our way?

And how can we improve knowledge share in this field?

It's on such questions that this survey is focused. The objective: a better collective understanding of the museum community’s use and ambitions with handheld guides / mobile interpretation. The survey is being distributed internationally.

It would be fantastic if you’d take 10 minutes to contribute to the project. The survey is open to anyone working or interested in this field, whether as an employee in a museum / cultural institution or a contractor to museums.

We'll be publishing the findings online and will be happy to email the raw data (exc. private info.) to interested parties so that you can collaborate in the data analysis. We think the results will be fascinating!

And although we ask you to identify your museum / place of work – we think this is important in order to validate the quality of the findings – this info will be separated from the survey responses themselves and kept private, so please feel free to answer everything honestly.

We hope you find the project interesting and look forward to sharing the results!

Loïc Tallon & Learning Times.

A big thank you to the following colleagues for providing fantastic input into the survey: Michael Epstein & Silvia Vergani @ UntravelMedia, Nancy Proctor, Kate Haley Goldman, Matthew Petrie, Sara Bodinson, Sheila Carey, Sarah Eades, Halina Gottlieb, Susan Hazan, Sherry Hsi, & Lynda Kelly.



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