Wednesday, September 23, 2009

"Going Mobile with Library Services" > New Technologies: Libraries & Beyond Conference | July 30 2009

Carrie Gits and Rich Ackerman / Alvin Sherman Library / Nova Southeastern University


This talk discusses how libraries are using the mobile web to deliver services to patrons and provides a simple template for providing library information on mobile platforms.

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> Source code

An example of a simple mobile website is downloadable in a zip file from []  It contains six files:

contacts.htm  / directions.htm / hours.htm  / index.htm  / loanperiods.htm / mobilelibrary.dwt

mobilelibrary.dwt is a Dreamweaver template with which the others are constructed. It is not necessary to use the template but it simplifies maintenance.

The files can be unzipped into a folder on your web server and should just work as is. You will need to update them with information about your library :)

If you have any question feel free to email Rich at 

> References /  > Handouts

Slides from our presentation are available at: []



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