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eBook Reader Comparison Table

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These are the main eBook Readers available in the US. If you want to see a table of all eReaders, including hard-to-get models and country specific ones, see our Worldwide Table, or if you are from a different region, try our UK Table, European Table , or Asian Table.



!!! Thanks To ZDNet For The Headup !!!


  1. It's a nice comparison, but I would have thought that support for open file-formats should be of interest to librarians.

  2. It would be nice to see a comparison of all these readers with BeBook which is open-source and will read almost any format including HTML. If it takes off geeks will write all kinds of applications to use.

  3. Its nice to see a comparison between different eBook readers. Recently i came across an eBook reader by a hongkong based company JoinTech, weight just 250 gms. Color display with touch screen panel and 4GB of external memory and the gadget is enclosed in leather case.


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