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100 Ways to Use Twitter In Your Library

Twitter is a free social networking and communication tool that lets you send short messages of up to 140 characters to your group of friends via the Twitter website, SMS, other Twitter clients, email, or IM. An increasing number of libraries and librarians are now using Twitter to engage readers, spread information, and banish the conception of dark, silent buildings staffed by stuffy introverts. So if you want to see how Twitter can be a dynamic way to connect with patrons, students and other library professionals, then the list below should definitely get you started. Here are 100 tips that can help you effectively use Twitter in your libraries.

> Reference

With many online tools, the reference sections of many libraries have been overlooked. These tips can help make connections with patrons which can lead to a more visited reference section.

1. Read the latest news: Many major news sites, like MSNBC have Twitter feeds. This makes it easy to quickly check up on news and find the latest information.

2. Identify experts in a specific area: Find out who’s talking about subjects that interest you or your patrons. You can’t get the same affect by using traditional email and resources.

3. Find out what other schools and libraries are doing around the world: Get ideas on how other libraries all over the globe are using Twitter effectively in their library


> Discussion

Use these tips to create communication as well as a feeling of community at your library.

10. Try having a question and answer session: If you need information of any kind a quick question to followers will get you and answer in minutes. It is also an easy way to provide assistance to patrons.

11. Get feedback on potential policy changes: Thinking about extending library hours? Get some opinions from some of your patrons. This is great for college library students too.

12. Don’t let the account go silent for extended periods: This will show that you have mutual interest in providing a connection for many of your followers.


> Announcements & Updates

Highlight new materials, group meetings, current news, and more with some of these suggestions.

19. Get information on conferences: Some conferences of interest to librarians have Twitter feeds that will allow you to keep up with registration deadlines, speakers and accommodations without having to visit the site itself.

20. Keep up to date with internal developments: Stay on top of department meetings and events. You will always know what’s going on.

21. Update patrons on new materials: Have you received some great new resources? Let those in your area know about them through a Twitter feed.


> Helpful Feeds

Here are some interesting feeds that can help you find out how other libraries might be using Twitter.

29. @librarycongress: The Library of Congress is one of the largest libraries in the world, keep up with everything from their special collections to latest events.

30. @yalsa: The Young Adult Library Services Association keeps this feel to help keep you informed about issues pertaining to young adult reading and literature.

31. @glambert: Greg Lambert is a law librarian in Houston. This law librarian discusses knowledge management, social media, and more.


> Colleagues, Students, and Friends

Stay connected with other librarian, friends, and students with the tips below.

49. Learn more about colleagues: See if fellow colleagues have a Twitter feed and read more about their life. Who knows, maybe you have more in common than you think.

50. Link to interesting news stories: Get some inspirational ideas from reading interesting stories about literacy and other libraries.

51. Promote the library: Using Twitter can help promote your library and the programs offered. Tweet your friends and family about what’s happening.


> Library Twitter Tools that Could be Useful

Here are some tools that can be useful if you are going to try some of the above tips.

55. TweetDeck: This application will let you create groups of Tweets to better manage your information systems.

56. Twrivia: Provide a new trivia question each day for your patrons with this tool.

57. GroupTweet: Create groups to facilitate Tweeting. This is a great tool for specialty groups such as young adults, book clubs, or library employees.[more]

> Vendors Using Twitter

More and more library vendors are joining Twitter. Many librarians are now able to interact with their vendors in a different way. Whether for asking a question regarding an order or finding out about other services offered you weren’t even aware of. Here is a list of some of the major vendors we have found that have hopped on board the Twitter wagon.

76. Academic Earth: A collaboration of video lectures from the world’s top scholars. They also provide full video courses from leading universities.

77. Duke Press: The Press publishes primarily in the humanities and social sciences and issues a few publications for professionals such as doctors and lawyers.

78. Credo Reference: A leading provider of reference services for libraries and information centers.


Libraries have only begun to find the true potential in Twittering. We hope that by using some of these tips, librarians and libraries everywhere will find creative ways to broaden the serviceability for themselves and their patrons.



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