Friday, August 21, 2009

Review > Research Methodologies Used In Studies On Mobile Handheld Devices

Wing Sum Cheung and Khe Foon Hew / Nanyang Technological University

A review of research methodologies used in studies on mobile handheld devices in K-12 and higher education settings

Australasian Journal of Educational Technology / 2009 / 25(2) / 153-183.


Mobile handheld devices are increasingly being used in education. In this paper, we undertook a review of empirical based articles to summarise the current research regarding the use of mobile handheld devices (personal digital assistants/PDAs, palmtops, and mobile phones) in K-12 and higher education settings. This review was guided by the following four questions:

  • (a) How are mobile handheld devices such as PDAs, palmtops, and mobile phones used by students and teachers?

  • (b) What types of research methods have been applied using such devices?

  • (c) What data collection methods are used in the research? and

  • (d) What research topics have been conducted on these handheld devices in education settings, as well as their related findings?

We summarise and discuss some major findings from the research, as well as several limitations of previous empirical studies. We conclude by providing some recommendations for future research related to mobile handheld devices in education settings.

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