Sunday, August 9, 2009

OverDrive® College Download Library™

OverDrive® College Download Library™ is an extension of your college library that delivers digital audiobooks, eBooks, music, and video to your mobile and connected students. Two-year and four-year colleges, universities, community colleges, and distance learning programs get a 24/7 digital library that extends off campus, into students' homes, and even onto the commute route with a portable audio player or Smartphone. All formats are available on a single digital media delivery platform--based on our popular service for public libraries--with easy, effective collection development tools for the librarian and an intuitive user experience for students!

OverDrive College Download Library engages students with digital content for both education and recreation. The service is easy for students to use and easy for librarians to manage with the:

  • Best Selection of titles in all subjects, such as professional development, foreign language, and frontlist fiction

  • Best Service including a hosted website, real-time reports, and expert training

  • Best User Experience with streamlined checkout & download and free audiobook software designed to enhance the listening experience
College Download Library offers digital books in formats conducive to today's busy lifestyles. Students can read digital books on their cell phones or PDAs. They can listen to them on an MP3 player while exercising or riding the bus. These digital books go anywhere your students go.

OverDrive boasts an impressive array of titles from thousands of suppliers. With more than 150,000 digital titles including audiobook, eBook, video, and music formats, OverDrive is one of the largest digital media distributors in the world. Audiobooks and eBooks are available in virtually all subjects: best-selling fiction, business, career & professional development, current events, technology, travel, foreign language, self-improvement, social studies, mystery, romance, thrillers, literature, and more.

Over 8,500 public libraries around the globe and dozens of two-year and four-year colleges across North America are using OverDrive to enable popular digital media downloads for college students. OverDrive is working with institutions of higher education in Alaska, California, Colorado, Illinois, Kansas, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Ohio, Texas, and many other states.




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