Monday, August 10, 2009

Museum-Based Mobile Educational Activities


I am greatly interested in learning of any / all mobile-based educational activities / initiatives / projects /etc. that focus on delivering / offering/ providing relevant local / regional / museum content to any / all mobile devices, most notably to cell-phones.

BTW: I have browsed / searched the Museum Computer Network (MCN) Project Registry


as well as the available online MCN conference proceedings.

Please post any / all recommendations / suggestions / etc. as (a) Comment(s) on this blog entry.

Thanks A Million !



  1. This is our core business and something we have done for years.. I think to date we have about 30 some museum tours on mobile devices. Right now we are getting ready to launch our newest product for the Portland Art Museum, San Francisco De Young Museum, Cornell Johnson Art Museum, Rochester Art Museum, and the American Museum of Natural History in NYC. You might check out our site...


    There is more info than is listed there, so if you have specific questions... shoot me an email.

  2. MyArtSpace is a project connecting and guiding learning in the classroom and the museum in the UK. Students can search information through the mobile phones, take photos and notes. All the data will be send to a website as personal records for later presentation in the classroom. A paper of evaluation to the project is availalbe at:

  3. I attended IADIS GET 2009 conferences last June and someone presented a very interesting mobile-based educational game taking place in the Museum of Arts and Crafts in Paris. You can find the related article here:

  4. There have been a number of museum education projects related to cell phones listed in the e-newsletter, Museum Education Monitor. For more information about the MEM and how to search it see or contact me directly.

  5. Here are 2 wikis and a podcast series gathering case studies and best practice in mobile interpretation for museums:

  6. The CATCH (Continuous Access to Cultural Heritage) programme in The Netherlands ( includes this area. Some relevant work in reported in
    Cultivating Personalized Museum Tours Online and On-Site
    Wang, Yiwen; Stash, Natalia; Sambeek, Rody; Schuurmans, Yuri; Aroyo, Lora; Schreiber, Guus; Gorgels, Peter
    Interdisciplinary Science Reviews, 34:2-3, 139-153 (2009).
    (This is a special issue of the journal focusing on the CATCH programme)

  7. Bletchley Park Text (the Museum's text service):

    Information from the team that built this service (The Open University's KMi department) here: (includes links to academic papers)


  8. Gerry,

    The McNay Art Museum here in San Antonio features narrative that a visitor can listen to while viewing a few of the art displays. A visitor just dials a number provided by a docent in the room and then enters an additional digit posted next to the display and the recording begins.



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