Saturday, August 29, 2009

MoLeNET: The Mobile Learning Network

MoLeNET is certainly the UK’s, and probably the world’s, largest and most diverse implementation of mobile learning. 115 colleges and 29 schools are, or have been, involved in MoLeNET. Approximately 10,000 learners were involved in 2007/08 and around 20,000 learners will have been involved by the end of the 2008/09 academic year together with more than 4,000 staff.

The Learning and Skills Council and consortia led by Further Education colleges have together invested over £12 million in MoLeNET. The first phase included 32 projects, involving 136 partner organisations. The second phase of MoLeNET includes 30 new projects, some involving organisations from phase 1 and some introducing mobile learning for the first time. All projects are supported by the MoLeNET Support and Evaluation Programme led by LSN.


Mobile Learning In Practice

Summary of this section

  • Workbased and Vocational > Using mobile learning in workbased and vocational environments
  • Schools >Using mobile learning in schools
  • Hard-to-reach and NEET learners > Using mobile learning with hard-to-reach, disaffected, non-traditional and NEET status learners
  • Inclusion > Issues surrounding mobile learning and inclusion
  • Games > Games from MoLeNET
  • Myths > Myths in mobile learning and the reality from MoLeNET

Work Based & Vocational Learning

The MoLeNET Projects

MoLeNET Success/Impact

Mobile Learning Network (MoLeNET) Events

MoLeNET Mobile Learning Conference 2009


Practical Advice


m-Learning Blogs

Who's Who




MoLeNET Projects Moodle

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