Monday, August 24, 2009

Mobile Technology in South Korean Libraries

Development and Application of Mobile Technology in South Korean Libraries

Wontae Choi / Professor / Department of Library and Information Science / Konkuk University / Chungju-city / South Korea. E-mail:

Libri. Volume 59, Issue 1, Pages 14–22, ISSN (Online) 1865-8423, ISSN (Print) 0024-2667, DOI:10.1515/libr.2009.002, / March / 2009

Publication History: Received: 30/07/2008; Accepted: 14/11/2008; Published online: 13/05/2009

Mobile library services are still lacking and insufficient to meet the increasing needs of various users. This paper provides an overview of the development and application of mobile technology in South Korean libraries. It presents the service contexts and issues for the future application and access in the mobile library field.

This paper categorizes real world examples. It identifies the new mission for building high quality mobile library services and discusses the future of mobile library architecture. It also presents a summary of key aspects of mobile library projects in South Korea and suggests major areas for future planning and development. Finally it envisions the future of mobile library technology.

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