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MCN Conference Roundtable > The e-Book Revolution And Mobile Evolution

"More from Less: The e-Book Revolution And Mobile Evolution"

 November 14 2009

Museum Computer Network (MCN) Conference 2009

Museum Information, Museum Efficiency: Doing More with Less!

37th Annual MCN Conference / November 11th-14th, 2009 /

Doubletree Hotel – Lloyd Center / Portland, Oregon


Beyond simply creating a new way of reading, emerging e-book technologies may present the next big market for museum content.They may slash museum publication and media storage and delivery costs while increasing distribution, with or without affecting licensing fees.

A lot of questions hover around the Amazon Kindle, Google Book Search legal issues, the iPhone as a reading device, and the future ofmobile reading.

  • What happens when reading becomes device-dependent, and access to books is controlled by proprietary systems?
  • What doesthe future look like for art books?
  • And what will art books look like in the future?A round-table discussion in which we -- museums, archives, and libraries - can hear from and interact with experts from the publishing industry.
Our professionsl context is that of cultural heritage organizations (museums, archives, and libraries) and extends to digital artists, tech developers, designers, etc. I will be guiding the discussion in directions like:

  • What will happen to museum publishing in this arena?
  • What happens when photos and illustrations are deleted from Google's scanned books?
  • Will e-books on the iPhone ever be able to support embedded images?
  • What happens to art in a mobile device e-book context?
This is the first time we will tackle these issues in the museum tech / cultural heritage context, and it should be fascinating.

Roundtable participants ... [include] Peter Brantley, from the Internet Archive and Tyler Ochoa, of Santa Clara Law School, who will ... [address] the Google Books Settlement and the legal issues surrounding e-books.

Source and Organizer

Amalyah Keshet / Head of Image Resources & Copyright Management/ The Israel Museum, Jerusalem / Chair, MCN IP Interest Group

[] (10-21-09)



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