Monday, August 17, 2009

Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy Mobile

Going Mobile with JRSE...

Researchers on the go can now access JRSE directly from any mobile device equipped with a modern web browser. Simply point your web-capable mobile browser at

to view the entire site optimized for display on devices such as the Google Android, Blackberry, iPhone, and iPod Touch, and devices running Windows Mobile, among others.

Desktop/Laptop Mobile Preview

JRSE Mobile differs from the desktop edition in several ways designed to make reading on your device easier:
  • All HTML pages are formatted for small screens, including tables of contents, search results, and abstracts

  • Some data have been suppressed from select HTML views to enhance readability

  • Prominent ‘Navigate’ button opens a menu to explore the site in mobile mode

All mobile devices with a web browser should be able to access JRSE Mobile with no difficulty, but full functionality – searching, use of article-bookmarking tools, and other article actions – is limited to the latest mobile web browsers, and require JavaScript to be turned on.

The JRSE Development Team has programmed to redirect automatically for the following devices and operating systems (browsers may vary by device): Android (Google), Blackberry, iPhone (Safari), iPod Touch (Safari), Palm (WebOS), devices running Opera Mini/ Opera Mobile, Nokia SmartPhones, and devices running Symbian and Windows CE.

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Please note that reading JRSE Mobile may require a data plan from your mobile service provider; contact your provider for more information on available plans and related charges.



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