Sunday, August 30, 2009

Handheld Learning (Organization)

Handheld Learning is part of the Learning Without Frontiers organisation. Our focus is on learning and teaching practice enhanced by the use of mobile and ubiquitous technologies.

Our vision is that the technologies that are becoming increasingly commonplace within the everyday lives of many people will also be used for powerful learning experiences both in and outside the traditional education environment. These technologies range from mobile phones to games consoles, low cost laptops to media players, social media platforms to media sharing networks and more in a world where learners are becoming more connected.

In an age where more people on our planet have mobile phones than don't and where mobile phones and handheld entertainment devices outsell laptop and desktop computers by 4:1 we believe there are huge opportunities to make transformational improvements in learning that will affect everyone.


Our mission is create the platforms that enable exploration, knowledge-sharing and debate around new learning and teaching practices that step outside of the traditional frameworks prescribed for educational ICT.


Since 2005 we have hosted one of the largest international conferences focussed on this rapidly emerging trend in learning. The annual Handheld Learning Conference now draws an audience of nearly 1,000 people from across the globe to meet, discuss and network.




Handheld Learning Conferences / Programme / Presentations

2009 / October / 5-7 /

2008 / October / 13-15 / []

2007 / October / 10-12 / []

2006 / October / 12-13 / []

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