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AdMob Mobile Metrics Report: June 2009

Mobile Metrics Report June 2009 / July 23rd, 2009

45 million iPhones and iPod touches sold in the last 2 years is quite a feat, even by Apple standards. In this month’s Mobile Metrics report, we took a closer look at our iPhone and iPod touch user data to get a sense of where this growth is coming from.

Our feature section looks at the geographic distribution of the iPhone and iPod touch users in our network. 54% of iPhone OS devices are currently in the US; however, this number has slowly declined from 61% in the last six months, implying that international users are growing faster than those in the US.
While overall sales of iPods were weak, Apple did mention in their analyst call that sales of the iPod touch were strong. Over the past 6 months, the ratio of iPhone to iPod touch devices in our network has remained constant at about 2:1, despite the rapid growth in iPhone OS requests. This suggests that the growth of the two devices is on a similar trajectory.

We combined the high level guidance from Apple with our user data to come up with a rough estimate of how many devices might have been sold in different countries. Page 4 of the report lays out our methodology and the unit estimates. These estimates are based off the 16 million iPhone and iPod touch users in our network in June 2009. Although we have a large sample size it’s important to remember our network is still a sample and may not be representative of Apple devices as a whole. In addition, remember these are based on Apple stats for total units shipped, not active devices in the market and do not account for lost, broken or upgraded devices that are no longer in use.



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