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Txting Librarians @ Curtin / Nicola Giles and Sue Grey-Smith

Paper presented at Information Online 2005, 12th Exhibition & Conference, Australian Library And Information Assoication, Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre, February 2 2005 / Session A12


SMS has become a popular way of communicating, particularly amongst the X and Y generation that are a large proportion of our university client base. As a form of communication it’s mobile, asynchronous and in everybody’s hands. At Curtin University Library and Information Service, we wondered if SMS could be used to provide quick, easy access to some library services.

In 2004 the Library and Information Service piloted an SMS service, enabling clients to SMS or text a query to the Library. This service is one of the first of its kind in Australia. Before implementing the pilot, an environmental scan was conducted. Various methods of providing an SMS to email and email to SMS service were investigated. Curtin Library chose one of the options, then implemented and promoted a SMS a Query service for a 3 month pilot.

This paper will look at the various methods of providing an SMS service that were considered by the Library. It will describe the method chosen and how it was implemented, indicating problems and challenges that were encountered on the way. Lastly, it will focus on the response and results of the SMS query pilot, and provide tips for others who are interested in implementing a similar service… beginning with ‘get those thumbs moving’!

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