Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thomson Reuters' Mobile Strategy

Thomson Reuters Talks About Its Mobile Strategy

Information Today > NewsBreaks / Paula J. Hane / Posted On July 30, 2009

While some media observers have noted that Thomson Reuters ... was lagging its news rivals AP and Bloomberg in releasing mobile apps, the company has certainly kicked into high gear this year, releasing new mobile applications, not just in its news division but also in its legal, markets, and investment and advisory solutions divisions.

"Mobile services are increasingly becoming a priority across the entire company," says Alisa Bowen, senior vice president and head of consumer publishing at Thomson Reuters. And she stressed the company's intention to be device agnostic. It's all about enabling access to Thomson Reuters' content "anytime, anyplace, and anyway." And, increasingly, that content is multimedia.

In May, the company released the Thomson Reuters News Pro mobile applications for the BlackBerry and Apple's iPhone. The free apps provide business news and information for business professionals. [snip]

Bowen says that Thomson Reuters is currently working to develop additional language interface versions of the mobile apps, as well as extending to a number of additional devices-Android, Palm Pre, Windows Mobile, and others. [snip]

Here in the U.S., we haven't yet seen the latest Thomson Reuters buzz about mobile. Building on its long-standing relationship with Nokia, the company was pleased that the newly developed Reuters Picture Slideshow comes preloaded on the Nokia N97 phone. The launch date for the product in Europe and India was July 1. It is not yet available in the U.S. The touchscreen allows users to scroll through a pictures-only approach to the news. "We're experimenting with how to package news for mobile devices," says Bowen.

You can see a demo at


"This is the latest in a series of mobile stories for Thomson Reuters," says Bowen. Business professionals are increasingly using mobile devices, and the company aims to provide what is needed.

In April, the company's legal division, West, introduced a Black's Law Dictionary application for the iPhone and iPod touch. It is available on the App Store in Apple's iTunes for $49.99.

In early July, Thomson Reuters unveiled a mobile application specifically aimed at meeting the needs of the investment banking community. Thomson ONE Mobile for Investment Banking is described as an "on-the-go financial application for investment bankers and analysts" made available on the BlackBerry smartphone. It follows the launch of Thomson ONE Mobile for Investment Management and will be followed by a mobile application for Corporate Services in late 2009, which the company says "is further proof of our commitment to delivering must have content to decision makers across the financial and corporate markets."



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