Friday, July 24, 2009

MmIT Conference 2009 > Mobile Learning: What Exactly Is It?

Lakeside Conference Centre / Aston University / Monday / 21st September /
9.30 am – 4.00 pm

Join Cilip’s Mulitimedia, Information and Technology Group for their 2009 annual conference, taking place in the ‘state of the art’ Lakeside Conference Centre.

As library and information professionals, we are continually being asked to support ‘mobile learning’. But what exactly does that mean? Who are these mobile learners? What do they do? What do they need us to do?

The conference will investigate the current issues and developments surrounding mobile learning within education and library environments.

Some of the very best speakers on this topic will be presenting at the conference, so the day will provide plenty of stimulating discussion and debate and will be the perfect staff development conference for anyone involved or interested in supporting mobile learning.


Programme includes:

  • Mike Sharples, University of Nottingham. Mike is Professor of Learning Sciences and Director of the Learning Sciences Research Institute at the University of Nottingham and has an international reputation for research in mobile learning and the design of learning technologies. Mike inaugurated the mLearn Conference series and is President of the International Association for Mobile Learning.

  • Jon Trinder, University of Glasgow. Jon is a part-time PhD student in the Robert Clark Centre for TechnologicalEducation at the University of Glasgow. His work has been investigating the use of mobile devices for computer-aided assessment and the analysis of device usage logs. His first involvement with education and PDAs was writing software that was used by the Cornell University Mobile Mann Library projecti n 2000. He has also written software for a variety of mobile devices [] .

  • John Traxler, University of Wolverhampton. John is Reader in Mobile Technology for e-Learning and Director of the Learning Lab at the University of Wolverhampton and of the UK Co-Lab of the American ADL network. He has co-written a guide to mobile learning in developing countries and is co-editor of the definitive book on mobile learning: Mobile Learning: A Handbook for Educators and Trainers, published byRoutledge.

  • Martin Bazley, Online Experience Consultant. Martin has more than 10 years experience of developing, evaluating and project managing online learning resources and other digital technology and works with a range of cultural institutions and web developers. In his role as eLearning Officer for SEMLAC (South East Museum, Library and Archive Council) Martin undertook a number of projects, including the Victorian Learning Journey [] - an innovative projectfor schools, involving live 'meet the historical character' face-to-facesessions, videoconferencing, interactive talkboards and short video clips.

  • Melissa Highton, University of Oxford. Melissa is Head of the Learning Technologies Group in Oxford University Computing Services. She leads project teams involved in Oxford University’s podcasting and ItunesU initiatives. She co-wrote a handbook for newu niversity teachers Designing Learning: From Module Outline To Effective Teaching, published by Routledge.

  • Andy Black, Technology Research Manager, BECTA. Andy has written extensively on the subject and role of emerging technologies and has developed a sideline demonstrating gadgets and gizmos, such as 40 gadgets in 40 minutes. His current focus is as a Technology Research Managerfor BECTA.

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