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Mobile Devices and CUL / Beth Anderson And Dean B. Kraff

By Dean, on April 27th, 2009

Last Saturday (4/18[2009]), the Cornell University Library Advisory Council met here at Cornell. As part of that meeting, Beth Anderson of Audible (now part of Amazon) and I gave a presentation on Mobile Devices and CUL. Here are some quick highlights:

• 29% of current college students read eBooks, as compared to 25% of 18-29 year-olds; 19% of 30-44 year-olds; and 14% of 45-64 year-olds [Source: Simba Information: Trade E-Book Publishing 2009].

• At Cornell, the use of powerful mobiles is growing, but it’s still early. Students mostly use laptops for information access.

• Within CUL, our current main Library web page is not very mobile-friendly (but we’re working on that).

• The use of mobile browsers at the Library web site increased by a factor of 75 times in the past semester, but it still represents less than 0.2% of Library web hits. Of that use, 55% is from iPhones/iPods and the rest from other mobile phones and devices.

• There is a new beta “Text a Librarian” service that allows users to send text messages to get answers to quick Library logistics and reference questions.

In it we gave a quick overview of the mobile landscape outside of and within Cornell, and then posed a series of questions for discussion by CULAC.

The actual discussion mostly focused on the immediate importance of this area. Yes, growth is extremely rapid, but it’s still at a fairly low level. Yes, there are a number of possibilities, but is this the best place to spend the Library’s constrained resource? If I could summarize the group consensus, it would be:
“Take the relatively easy, inexpensive, high-payoff steps to support mobiles now, and actively monitor mobile use and demand for mobile services to decide what to do in the future.”
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