Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mobile Access Databases And/Or e-Journal And/Or eBook Collections?

I am greatly interested interested in learning of OTHER vendors/publishers that curretnly provide or a planning to provide mobile access to their respective databases and/or journal and/or e book collections

BTW: I am aware of the Vendors and Publishers section of the M-Libraries section of Meredith Farkas's Most Excellent _Library Success Best Practices Wiki_


and the work of Bill Drew.

Please Post Any/All Current and/or Planned Mobile Access Databases and/or e-Journal and/or e-Book collections As (A) Comment(s) On This Blog Entry.




  1. BioMedCentral (via Avantgo), and - of course - there is WorldCat Mobile (via Boopsie).

    Wiley Interscience had the service, but has pulled it down for some reason.

  2. ACS just has launched a mobile project - see


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