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Mimas Mobile Event: Mobile Learning: Telling Tales / July 09 2009

Mobile Learning: Telling Tales showcases how mobile technologies are being used to enhance the learning experience in the classroom and on the move. We welcome teachers and lecturers, learning technologists – anyone using or thinking about using mobile devices in education.

Mimas Mobile Event / University of Westminster Cavendish Campus / Pavilion Room / July 9 009 / 9:30 - 16:00 /

09:30 / Registration and Coffee

Morning Plenary Session / Pavilion Room

10:00 / Welcome and Introduction / Lorraine Estelle / Director of JISC Collections

JISC Collections initiated the Mimas-run Hairdressing Training service, which launched a mobile service in February 2008.

10:15–11.00 / Presentation ; Keynote 1 / Graham Brown-Martin (biog) / Learning Without Frontiers and Chair of the Handheld Learning Conference

11:00 - 11:30 / Presentation 2 ; Keynote 2 / "Mobile Learning - The Reality" / John Traxler (biog) / Director of the Applied Innovative Digital Technologies Research Group, School of Computing and IT / University of Wolverhampton

11:30 - 11:45 / Coffee

Morning Parallel Sessions

11:45 / Parallel Session 1: New Lamps for Old / Room 2.14 / Chair: Laura Shaw

"Mobile learning and games - The project" / Geoff Butters (
biog) / Manchester Metropolitan University / will talk about the project, which focuses on communities of creative, networking children within the 9–12 age range in the new EU Member States and has produced some significant breakthroughs related to innovative ways of learning, using computer games and mobile learning in schools.

"Using mobiles, blogs and virtual iPods to engage students in science learning" / Hilary Smith (biog) / University of Sussex / will demonstrate some work she has been doing with secondary school science students using mobile devices to report on findings.

Presentation Available


11:45 / Parallel Session 2: The Tortoise and The Hare / Pavilion Room / Chair: Jackie Carter

"Changing Gear - Implementing Mobile Learning" / Stuart Smith (biog). While working for Mimas, Stuart Smith (3sheep) re-worked the Hairdressing Training website so that it could be used on mobile devices. He will talk about how he did it, what worked and what didn't, and about the ways that students can harness mobile devices and convergent technologies.

What is a QR code? How do I make one? Why should I? / Andy Ramsden (biog) / University of Bath/ will reveal all.

JISC TechDis has a new resource called "Upwardly Mobile", which is all about getting started in Mobile Learning inclusivity. Simon Ball (biog) will show how delivering services for mobile devices has focused developers on providing services that are accessible to all.

12:45–13:30 / LUNCH

Afternoon Session: Pavilion Room

13:30–14:30 / Afternoon Session: The Travelling Companion / Pavilion Room

Gary Priestnall (biog) / Associate Professor within the Geographical Information Science research group / School of Geography, University of Nottingham and manages the Nottingham arm of SPLINT (SPatial Literacy IN Teaching). SPLINT is primarily concerned with the development of tools, techniques and strategies for enhancing the use of spatial data in curricula using GIS, Semi-immersive Virtual Reality, and mobile computing.

John Cook (biog) / Professor of Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) at the Learning Technology Research Institute / London Metropolitan University and he will talk about Urban Planning Education In Context With Mobile Phones.

14:30 / Tea and Coffee

14:45 / Open Session

15:15 / Presentation: "The Future of Learning" - James Clay (

15:45 / Closing Remarks


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