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Joe Murphy

General Science Librarian and Instruction Coordinator

Yale University Library


- "SMS & Mobile Virtual Reference: Libraries, Text Messages and Answers on the Go" Connecticut Library Association, 5/1/2009[]

- “Sending Out an SMS: Exploring Reference via Text Messaging with Mobile Devices.” PALINET REFolution conference, 4/6/09
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- “Strategies for the Mobile Future of Libraries” Pecha Kucha: 2.0 Top Tips, Computers in Libraries, 3/31/09

- “Future Prospects & Best Practices for Reference 2.0.” Next Gen Digital Reference Tools, Computers in Libraries, 3/31/09[]

- “Twitter for Libraries: Best Practices and Advanced Uses of Micro-Blogs.” Contributed Paper, ACRL 14th National Conference, Pushing the Edge: Explore, Engage, Extend. March 13, 2009[]

- “iReference: Virtual Reference to Enhance and Even Replace the Reference Desk?” With Ellen Peterson. Hawaii Library Association conference, 10/25/08

-“Connecting People With Information: Twitter and Other Microblogs” Hawaii Library Association conference, 10/25/08
- “Reference on the Go: Text Messaging and More With an iPhone.” Solving The Reference Desk Problem, Internet Librarian, 10/21/2008

- “Text Message in a Bottle: Text Messaging Reference at Yale Science Libraries.” A Reference Renaissance: Current and Future Trends. 8/05/2008

- “Text Messaging Reference Service.” REFresher, Yale University Library, 7/30/08

- “Text Message Reference for Sci-Tech Libraries” Special Libraries Association Physics-Astronomy-Mathematics Division-wide Roundtable, 6/16/08
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• [snip] With Lisa Carlucci Thomas / “Go Mobile: Top 5 Mobile Services for Libraries.” Poster Session, ALA Annual Conference, July 2009
• “Science Info on the Go: Enhancing Traditional Sci-Tech Library Services w/ Mobile Devices.” One Part Inspiration: Creative Trends that Further Science Learning. ACRL Science and Technology Section Program Poster Session at ALA Annual conference, 6/30/2008

• Review of Mosio’s Text A Librarian. Charleston Advisor. 10:3 (Jan 2009)
Regular Column: “Best Practices From the Field.” In Science & Technology Libraries

• “Management Models and Considerations for Virtual Reference.” Science and Technology Libraries 28: 5 (2008)

• “Micro-Blogging for Science & Technology Libraries.” Science and Technology Libraries 28: 4 (2008)[]


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  1. I also recently gave a presentation solely through Twitter about Mobile Apps for Science Libraries at SLA2009 and I did a webcast for ACRL about Text Messaging Reference.
    I have a few upcoming talks about Mobile Library services and prospects at Internet Librarian, The Handheld Librarian, and ALA Midwinter.

    More info on Twitter (@libraryfuture) and Facebook (
    - Joe


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