Saturday, July 18, 2009

IEEE Xplore Mobile

IEEE Xplore Mobile provides free search of all IEEE Xplore documents directly on your mobile device. You can view up to [only] TEN (10) article abstracts per search.


To view full-text articles, send the article links to your e-mail address.

IEEE Xplore Mobile Beta is viewable on all web-enabled mobile devices. It has been optimized for newer mobile devices (i.e. Apple iPhone, Blackberry Storm). When using older mobile devices (i.e. Blackberry 8360, Blackberry Curve), you may be able to choose “Internet Browser” as your default browser in your device’s options for optimal viewing.

NOTE-1 >>> IEEE Xplore subscribers need to log-in to access the full-text view of the article, and non-subscribers/guests need to purchase the article to view the full-text version.

NOTE-2 >>> Seamless access appears to be available to institutional subscribers.

NOTE-3>>> A link To The Main IEEE Xplore Site is provided from the mobile 'Search' page ('Get your know-how on the go' .as well as from the search results page.




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  1. Gary. . .I just found your site quite by accident. I'm giving a presentation on July 21 and I'm going to show students how to subscribe and add to iGoogle (using your site as example RSS)--very nice site and it is going to be helpful to me in the future. Thanks


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