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ALA Conference 2009: Provocative Top Tech Trends Include Mobile ...

ALA Conference 2009: Provocative Top Tech Trends Include Mobile, Cloud Computing, and Openness

Josh Hadro -- Library Journal, 7/14/2009

  • New format: panelists weigh in on provocative statements from moderator
  • Mobile devices exploding in popularity, but still just tool like any other
  • Can libraries force the marketplace toward open data and content?

This year's LITA Top Tech Trends took a page from the 2.0 playbook, selecting initial topics for the panel to discuss based on an online poll sent out to Twitter and posted on the LITA blog.

There, LITA members and others expressed a clear preference for information on mobile computing, virtual and cloud storage, and open access to data, code, and content ... .

Photo / Chip Williams

The panel:

  • John Blyberg, Assistant Director of Innovation and User Experience, Darien Library, CT
  • Geert van den Boogaard, innovation Advisor and Acquisition/Funding Manager, DOK, Delft, Netherlands
  • Karen A. Coombs, Head of Web Services, University of Houston Libraries, TX
  • Clifford Lynch, Director of the Coalition for Networked Informaton (CNI)
  • Eric Lease Morgan, Head of Digital Access and Information Architecture Department, University of Notre Dame Libraries
  • Roy Tennant, Senior Program Officer, OCLC Programs and Research
  • Joan Frye Williams, Information Technology consultant

Coombs, however, was unable to attend due to illness ... . [The] ... program also listed Marshall Breeding, Sarah Houghton-Jan, and Karen Schneider as virtual participants. However, their role was significantly less visible given that their participation took place entirely on the live commentary back-channel feed of various social media.

Mobile Provocation


Boogard, a guest panelist from the Netherlands ... asked why it is so difficult to get library content onto mobile devices. A library truly supporting mobile enterprises, he said, should have download stations where patrons could access the library's content in a manner as similar as possible to the easy and streamlined experience they have at home.

Morgan reminded everyone in the room that the maxim of "use the right tool for the right job" applies as much to mobile devices as it does to anything else. Therefore, he said, we ought to consider accommodating mobile devices just as we would every other tool at a library's disposal.





[http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/1797127] [44:55]

[http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/1797332] [34:33]

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