Saturday, June 27, 2009

Who You Gonna Call?: Mediated Phone Reference Services For The CellPhone User


Have We Missed The Obvious By Not Fully Promoting Mediated Phone-Based Reference Services For CellPhone Users?

I Am Greatly Interested In Learning Of Any And/Or All Library Initiatives To Promote The Availability of Phone Reference Services To Student / Faculty / Staff / Alumni / CellPhone Users. [YouTube / 4:04]

Please Respond As A Comment To This Blog Entry With Appropriate Links To Explicit Promotional Efforts.

Thanks !



  1. Gerry -- tell me what you mean by "mediated cell phone service." Maybe I'm, missing something.

    We have an "ask a librarian" page that offers various options, including "call the reference desk," which doesn't distinguish mobile or land line, just "call." It also explains desk, chat, email and appointments.

    One funny thing is that students on cell phones call from the third floor for reference service rather than walk downstairs to the desk. This actuall makes sense given that they are usually working at a desk with all their computer stuff and books, etc. i.e. "on demand." They also use chat reference from the 3rd floor. From surveys we've had , it seems that students tend to eschew phone calls for reference in general.

    We don't have something specifically for mobile, such as, but certainly an email or web browse from cell or pda such as iPhone or Blackberry or even my very simple Verizon basic vanilla phone can be accomplished. e.g. sms message to email reference address.

    Randal Baier

  2. The Biblioteca Rector Gabriel Ferrate
    (BRGF), of the Technical University of Catalonia (UPC), offers its web adapted to mobile.
    You can see a "simulation" on your computer screen:, or (better) accessing through your mobile web browser:
    The option "Pregunta" allows the user to ask our reference services.

  3. I'd agree with Randal in that we don't normally distinguish between fixed and mobile 'phone reference. Why would we?

    Our main exception at the University of Huddersfield is our SMS reference service, "text a librarian"

    We promote this mainly through posters; on plasma screens in the library; and from September - library inductions.


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