Friday, June 26, 2009

Twittering Libraries Wiki


1 Introduction
2 History
3 What's in it for Libraries?
4 Prominent Uses in Libraries

Some examples of how libraries are using Twitter include:
  • For library announcements
  • To post news such as special events, holiday hours, exhibits, new book arrivals

  • Updated resources or reminders of important resources, instruction sessions and new reference services

  • Using Twitter as another communication tool with patrons/clients

  • As a reference service

  • As a way to keep in touch with librarian friends and colleagues as well as a way to collaborate on projects

  • As a way to stay on top of the latest technologies

  • For customer service

  • To send alerts about requested materials

  • As a short newsletter

  • As a public relations/marketing tool

  • As a way to get and share information about conferences and other professional development opportunities (i.e., registration deadlines, speakers, accommodation information, webinars)

  • Cataloging and tagging

  • Internal updates

  • For networking with other librarians, libraries, and library-affiliated organizations

5 Library Mini-Case Studies
6 Pros and Cons of Using Twitter
7 Tools that can Extend Twitter
8 Conclusion
9 Libraries Using Twitter
10 Notes
11 References
12 Resources

Written for the fall 2008 LIS 5313 course by Lindy Brown, a MLIS student at Florida State University's College of Information. For questions about this article, please email Lindy at



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