Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Evolution of Mobile Teaching and Learning

The Evolution of Mobile Teaching and Learning / Retta Guy, Editor / Informing Science, 2009 / pp. 306 / ISBN-10: 1932886141 ; ISBN-13: 978-1932886146 / $29.99 (Members)


Section 1 Defining Mobile Learning

Chapter 1: The Evolution of Mobile Learning / John Traxler
Chapter 2: Mobile Learning DeMystified / James Kadirire
Chapter 3: Selecting Appropriate Technologies for Mobile Teaching and Learning / Jeremy Dickerson and J. B. Browning
Chapter 4: From Classical Mobile Learning to Mobile Web 2.0 Learning / Chaka Chaka

Section 2 Pilots, Projects, and Trials

Chapter 5: M-Learning Adoption in Brazil / Amarolinda I.C.Z. Saccol, Eliane Schlemmer, Jorge L. V. Barbosa, Nicolau Reinhard, and Carolina Sarmento
Chapter 6: Mobile and Pervasive Computing in a Computer Engineering Undergraduate Course / Jorge Barbosa, Rodrigo Hahn, Débora Barbosa and William Segato
Chapter 7: A Short-Term Trial Documenting Students’ Perceptions, Attitudes, and Experiences with Mobile Learning / Retta Guy
Chapter 8: Design and Assessment of E-Learning and M-Learning Tools for the Degree in Actuarial Sciences / Maria Cruz Mayorga-Toledano and Antonio Fernandez-Morales
Chapter 9: Understanding User Experience to Support Learning for Mobile Journalist’s Work / Heli Väätäjä, Anssi Männistö, Teija Vainio and Tero Jokela

Section 3 The Assessment and Future of Mobile Learning

Chapter 10: Measuring Quality of M-Learning Information Systems / Ruti Gafni
Chapter 11: Evaluation of Mobile Learning Contents and Mobile Services and Applications / Gianna Avellis
Chapter 12: The Future of Mobile Learning: The Paradigm Pioneers of Pedagogy / Craig Wishart





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