Tuesday, May 12, 2009

University of Virginia Library Mobile: Now in Public Beta

Our Web Site, Now Pocket-Sized.

Initial Release Targets Apple iPhone, iPod Touch / April 9, 2009

In an effort to expand access to online resources and services, and in response to technology trends in the community, the U.Va. Library has released a version of the website that is optimized for handheld, web-enabled mobile phones and devices.

The initial release targets Apple iPhone and iPod Touch, which together represent the largest traffic segment based on measurements from around the University (>50%). These visitors are automatically redirected to


M.LIB Features

  • Automatic Device & Capability Detection

  • Full Virgo Catalog Search w/ Improved Relevancy

  • Hours & Schedule of Operation / For all Libraries & Facilities

  • Searchable Staff Directory and Department List

  • Aggregated News, Events, Exhibits, and Blogs

  • Text a Librarian Directly from your Phone

A later release, slated for May 2009, will be targeted toward the broadest range of devices available from regional carriers. Examples include handsets from RIM Blackberry, Motorola, Palm, and Samsung.

The Library's Mobile Research Group will encourage participation and collaboration among members of the University community through a series of meetings and sponsored events; information will be made available ... [at]


Some of the documentation from the project that will be posted to this site include:

  • Design and implementation specifications

  • Project management documents

  • Quality/Test plan

  • Feedback and analytics data

More details about the project can be found at




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  1. Thanks for the link! We're rewriting the site from scratch and plan to release again in early June.

    Hopefully we'll be able to release the code under an open-source-type license!


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