Monday, May 18, 2009

SciTechMed Journals/Publications On Twitter ?


I Am Most Interested In Any and/or All *Journals (or Journal Publishers)* That Have Incorporated Twitter (or Other Micro-Blogging Service) ... /

I Am Particularly Interested In Any and/Or All Initiatives In Which Tweets Have Been Incorporated / Integrated _Within_ The Journal and/or Journal Article Content(s) ... /

I Have Done A Preliminary Search Of Various Twitter Directories

But Find Next To Nothing ... [?]

BTW-1: I've Discovered That A Surprising Number Of >>>Monograph Publishers - Newspapers - Magazines - Other Media <<<

BTW-2: I Am Acquainted With Bill Drew's Most Excellent Compendium Of "Library Vendors Using Social Software"


and Science





Twitter Biomedical Journals


Please Post Any/All Journal Titles As A Comment On The Blog Entry At


Thanks A Million !



  1. The Lancet has a regulat (too regular!) Tweet feed -

  2. Hi,

    Not on the Sci/Tech/Med side of the business, but we've recently started tweeting for one of our Humanities titles, The Journal of American Studies (JAS). JAS runs an exclusive, free to view online reviews section, along with review essays, and we tweet links to those. Early days yet, but we're hoping this will allow a bit more interaction with the Journal.

  3. Gerry/


    Garrett Eastman / Librarian
    Rowland Institute at Harvard
    Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

    >>>Posted With Permission<<<

  4. Hi Gerry,

    I saw your post on the lis-e-resources list, and thought I would see if I could be of some help.

    We currently use twitter to update followers with new issue publication details, notable papers, special issues, conference attendance etc. Is this the kind of thing you were after?

    Our page is .

    Through our use of Twitter we have come across several other STM publishers with feeds:

    American Institute of Physics: @AIP_Publishing
    British Medical Journal: @bmj_latest
    Royal Society Publishing: @RSocPublishing
    Nature: @NatureNews
    Royal Society of Chemistry books: @RSC_Books and their new Environmental Journal: @EES_journal
    Wiley references: @WileyReferences
    Portland Press: @Portlandpress

    Proquest can also be found at: @ProQuest, Scopus can be found at: @Scopus and Elsevier have a library connect account: @library_connect

    Sorry if this is a bit UK based, hope it helps and is along the lines of what you were looking for! I’m sure the list goes on but those are just a few we’ve seen so far. There are also a couple of Twibes that have been started, like this one for scientists:

    and I know there’s a pretty big librarian one if you aren’t already a member.

    Kind regards

    Catherine Chimes

    Assistant Marketing Executive
    Professional Engineering Publishing
    1 Birdcage Walk
    London SW1H 9JJ

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  5. Inderscience Publishers has a twitter account at This has special issues, new titles, etc like PE Publishing and also has links to press releases on selected articles.


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