Saturday, May 2, 2009

iPhone/iTouch Support For Mobile Interactive Guide

Press Release / April, 2009 / Ottawa
Flick Software launches IPhone/iTouch support for the Mobile Interactive Guide.

Flick Software today announces the availability of its leading mobile interactive guide software for the highly popular iPhone platform. This marks a key milestone for our solution which has predominantly been only a windows CE and windows mobile solution.

[Mobile Interactive Guide ... offers the advanced capabilities necessary to evolve your visitor experience beyond simply informing into moment-to-moment interactive learning. Modular deployment options, extensive multimedia file format support, and Flick Software’s central content architecture engine provides unsurpassed flexibility and easy content management]

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“We have always designed the product to be pushed across multiple platforms but until the arrival of the iPhone no other platform was offering a reasonable allterantive” says Jason Flick President of Flick Software.

“Our long term goal that this helps us toward is that any user can easily download out client and have a great experience at any venue but that is still a few years away”.

This product leverages both local and server based content and is fully integrated with our content server. The content can be synced over Wifi or via desktop USB links and has been tested for both iPhone and Itouch products. Thus giving our customers the choice of GPS and real-time communications with the iPhone or the more cost effect itouch with it’s much larger on device memory for less.

Flick Software has Android targeted as the next platform for release later in the year, but the customer demand for the Apple products has far exceeded that of any other and we look forward to seeing our customers trialing and scaling deployments of these innovative devices.

About Flick Software Inc.

Flick Software’s mobile software solutions enable its customers to deliver differentiated, high value, and revenue-generating services. Flick Software provides solutions for tourist destinations, software companies, and enterprises with mobile workers.



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