Friday, May 1, 2009

Interactive Mobile Tutorials


I am greatly interested in learning of the availability of interactive mobile tutorial apps for Any / All mobile platforms.

[I am **not** interested in tutorials about mobile apps] [:-)]

I'm particularly interested in Any/All Interactive Mobile Tutorials that are Educational and/or Library-related, most particularly those relating (but not limited) to Instruction.

BTW: Training Apps Are Also Of Interest As Are Educational Game Apps.

I Welcome Any and All Suggestions/Recommendations As Comments On This Blog Entry.



PostScript > Possible Models For Mobile Library Instruction ? [05-04-09]

> Epocrates MobileCME

> iPhone/iTouch Support For Mobile Interactive Guide

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  1. In respect of Chemistry, you should find what you are looking for at the "Chemistry Centre" of the Royal Society of Chemistry (contact


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