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Epocrates Rx: Free Mobile Drug And Formulary Reference

The free Epocrates Rx software for iPhone OS puts continually updated peer-reviewed drug information at your fingertips.


Epocrates information has been shown to: Improve patient care and safety / Save time / Enable confident clinical decisions

Our information is developed by clinicians for clinicians, with this edition specifically formatted for iPhone and iPod touch devices.

*Special features include Pill ID, which enables you to identify a pill based on its physical characteristics, plus pill pictures within the drug monographs



>>>Drug Information

Instantly access drug prescribing and safety information for more than 3,300 brand and generic drugs. Search for a drug by name or drug class; then you can review:

  • Adult and pediatric dosing for FDA-approved and off-label indications

  • Black box warnings, contraindications, and cautions

  • Serious and common adverse reactions, and drug interactions organized by clinical category

  • Approximate retail drug pricing for patients paying out-of-pocket

  • Pill pictures within the drug monograph showing you and your patients exactly what each drug looks like

  • Safety and monitoring information, such as pregnancy risk categories, lactation safety ratings, monitoring parameters and therapeutic drug levels

  • Manufacturing information including DEA/FDA status

  • Pharmacology information, including metabolism, excretion, drug class, and mechanism of action
  • Notes section for your personal notes

>>>Pill ID

[snip] With this feature, you can identify a drug based on its physical characteristics such as color, shape and imprint code. Simply select some key characteristics and quickly see a list of drugs that match the criteria, with a convenient visual reference guide.

Tapping on a drug image enlarges the picture, making it easier for you to see any imprint codes found on the drug and thus confirm the match.

>>>Drug Interactions

The powerful InteractionCheck enables you to check for interactions among up to 30 drugs at a time. Potential interactions are organized by category to help you determine the appropriate action.


MedMath - dozens of useful medical calculators, including Pregnancy Wheel and Basal Energy Expenditure

Association guidelines and reference tables

>>>Formulary Information

Epocrates Rx contains up-to-date, detailed formulary information for national and regional healthcare insurance formularies, including all Medicare Part D plans, and provides easy access to therapeutic alternatives / Select and download the insurance formularies you use most often / Quickly check to see which drugs are coveredFind plan-specific details on:

  • Copay tiers

  • Prior authorization requirements

  • Quantity limits

  • Step-therapy guidelines

  • Search for preferred therapeutic alternatives



Epocrates Rx FREE App for the iPhone Available From


Epocrates Rx Software Also Available For Palm / Win Mobile / BlackBerry / Win Smartphone

Other Epocrates Mobile Software Include Essentials, Mobile Resource Centers and MedTools.

Free and Premium Epocrates Products


Comparison Of Epocrates Products For Mobile Devices


About The Company

Epocrates, Inc. develops clinical information and decision support tools that enable healthcare professionals to find answers more quickly and confidently at the point of care.

More than 600,000 healthcare professionals, including one in four U.S. physicians, use Epocrates’ innovative mobile and web-based products to help them reduce medical errors, improve patient care and increase productivity.

The company’s trusted clinical content is developed by physicians and pharmacists and is continuously updated to keep users informed and up to date.

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