Thursday, April 23, 2009

On The Move With The Mobile Web: Libraries And Mobile Technologies

Kroski, Ellyssa / On the Move with the Mobile Web: Libraries and Mobile Technologies / Library Technology Reports / 2008 / vol. 44, n. 5 / pp. 1-48.


Imagine walking by a movie poster for the upcoming Harry Potter film and scanning it with a click of your camera phone in order to download associated ringtones, get showtimes, or even buy tickets. How about snapping a photo while browsing through a magazine to get a free sample of a new perfume?

This may sound like science fiction right now, but in Japan, this type of mobile search technology is widespread, and in the United States similar services are already being developed, services that promise just this type of virtual engagement with the world around us. This report looks at the mobile Web landscape including, mobile devices, mobile Web applications, library mobile initiatives, as well as how to create a mobile experience and get started using the mobile Web.

Chapter 1: What is the Mobile Web?
Chapter 2: Mobile Devices
Chapter 3: What Can You Do with the Mobile Web?: Mobile Web Applications
Chapter 4: Library Mobile Initiatives
Chapter 5: How to Create a Mobile Experience
Chapter 6: Getting Started with the Mobile Web

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